4" Seedling Pots

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becausewecare™ has developed a range of compostable and biodegradable plant pots that enable you to drop your new plant into the ground without having to remove the plastic casing. Simply pop it into the ground, and watch the pot add nutrients to your soil as it biodegrades, giving your plant a healthy start to life in your garden.

For horticulturalists and plantation developers, these pots are ideal. They easily overcome many of the common problems associated with retaining soil around the roots during planting. Once in the soil, becausewecare™ seedling pots biodegrade into natural humus, CO2 and water.

becausewecare™ 4" seedling pots are available to our Australian customers via our online store and are currently available for retail in selected stores across the UK and Ireland. Click here to find out more about the becausewecare™ seedling pot range, or send us a note to the left of screen if you would like more information about this product. 


*For our Australian Customers - Unfortuantely our online store is charging $6 delivery charge per pack. If you are looking to order more than 1 pack, send us a note to the left of screen and we will work out delivery charge accordingly.


Product Specifications
Pack25 pieces per pack
Dimensions105mm x 75mm x 80mm