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At becausewecare™, it is our mission to provide a readily available eco-friendly alternative to plastic products currently in the market. Ultimately, we would like to replace all of the world’s disposable plastics with compostable alternatives for commercial and home use.

becausewecare™  Eco Products:

Plastic products clog up our landfills, litter our landscapes, and pollute our seas. To combat this problem, becausewecare™ is focused on manufacturing and distributing compostable plastic substitutes.

We are progressively developing sustainable and renewable packaging, using our BF90 series resins. These resins can be blown or moulded into any custom shape or size; just ask to discuss what we can do for you.

Alternatively, if you are looking to make or produce your own compostable products, we also have our resin available for sale. 

Ask us how you can reduce your plastic consumption.