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Worldwide Standard of Compostability

There is a lot of discussion about the different Compostability and Biodegradability standards worldwide, but what is the difference between them? The European Standard (EN 13432 – 2006) is the most widely recognised of all the standards, with the American Standard (ASTM D6400) and Australian Standards (AS 4736 -2006) based on it.

The Australian Standard adds on the additional requirement of a set of eco toxicity tests (worm test and plant growth test), which are not included in the European or American Standards. This ensures that when a compostable material breaks down within a composting environment, it does not negatively affect the worms that consume it or the health of plants that are subsequently grown in it.

All of becausewecare’s products, from our raw materials, to a finished printed product comply with and are certified under the American, European and most importantly Australian Standards for biodegradation and compostability.