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 At becausewecare™, we have available a range of products to suit a variety of requirements.

Each of these products comply with stringent standards set by the various worldwide testing authorities (see certifications here) of Biodegradable and Compostable products so you can rest assured they will break down in weeks, not hundreds of years.

Even the soy-based non-toxic inks that we print with will not leave any harmful residue in the process of breaking down.

We can also thermoform, injection-mould, extrude film and blow-mould to your specifications, as well as supplying rigid and flexible packaging options. Thermoform sheet and injection feed stock resins are available for a range of rigid, blown and foam applications. Our BF 90A formula is a strong, flexible resin ideal for retail bags or bin liners, whereas our BF 90B formula is a rigid resin suitable for pressure and injection moulding.

becausewecare™ aims to replace all conventional plastic with a compostable alternative. So if you are looking to create a customised product, let us help you and the environment– send us your details. 

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