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becausewecare™ Compostable Bags

becausewecare™ compostable bags are made from polymer resin, mainly consisting of cornstarch. They are engineered to provide similar characteristics to that of the regular plastic bag made from non-renewable resources.

Our compostable bags are made with cornstarch, an annually renewable resource, which unlike trees are grown and harvested in a single season. becausewecare™ sources corn from Northern China where the abundance of rainfall means that no irrigation is required, saving energy and water. We only use “third grade” corn, which is not suitable for human or animal consumption.

Because our bioplastics are made with organic plant materials, they break down within 45 days in a compost environment – about the same time as a dry leaf – offering the most practical and eco-friendly solution existing today.

At becausewecare™, even our most resistant bioplastic products take a maximum of 90 days to decompose completely in the right environmental conditions. These bioplastics need moisture, microbes and soil before they start to break down.

If you would like to find out more information, feel free to contact us to discuss your environmentally friendly options.